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Packing a Realistic Bug Out Bag

#1. Bugging out into the wild:
This, for most people, is simply not a viable option.  Think about it logically.  A disaster has happened that was bad enough to force you out of your home (be it wildfire, floods, hurricanes, etc.).  That would mean it would force tens/hundreds of thousands of other people to evacuate as well.  Public or private land will be a no-go as other people will try to go there as well (and rest assured the owners of the land will be looking for people trying this).  Hotels, shelters, rest stops, campsites will either be full, too crowded or too dangerous... more


Survival Techniques

There are many situations which can be encountered that need basic techniques and survival gear to get through the challenges of unforeseen incidents. In this article are the techniques ...more


Bug Out Bag Checklist for Preppers and Survivalists

A bug out bag (BOB), also referred to as a Get Out Of Dodge Bag (GOOD Bag), is a pack that has all the necessary items for any survival situation for 72 hours or longer...more

disaster2Can You Survive If Disaster Strikes Your Home?

You've watched the news reports of earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other disasters and perhaps you've thought what would I do if this happened to me...more


Alternatives to Guns for Self Defense

You may be caught in a situation where you will need to defend yourself. You can only carry a gun if you have a permit to carry one. If you do not have this license, you can instead use alternative weapons which can be found in online or offline gun accessories shops. These alternatives are not lethal but can still provide protections for yourself...more

Survival Hour

At Survival Hour we try to inform and prepare the everyone for disaster and unforeseeable situations.  Wikipedia says that Survival is the struggle to remain alive and living.  After Hurricane Katrina and most disaster there is a period of chaos, panic and temporary anarchy in the streets.  We want everyone to be prepared with the information and the gear to handle situations like Hurricane Katrina or any natural disaster.  We want everyone to be prepared and have their own food security, water, shelter and even self defense to protect themselves and their families.  If you have something to add you can email us at:
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